This complex era, its hard to maintain healthy eyes and improve vision naturally.

You can keep your eyes on the vision and knowledge of the principles Lsfor it necessary to pass on this vision.

I'll start by saying, can improve vision.

What we need to do to maintain good vision over the years.

Multiple looking closely causes the eyeballs extend and develop myopia or disability Raiih.ida will minimize the damage.

A number of initial rules to prevent visual impairment:

Which allows a reasonable reading distance and eye comfort.

Let the natural light to enter the room.

The front window .hstclot into the distance during the day is essential for eye health and eye lens allows prostrate allowing rest and relaxation for the eyes.

Esau planned shutdowns and lowering glasses while looking at a distance.

Paying attention to the peripheral vision while working closely, namely, note that furniture, wall, ceiling, floor and people in the room while working.

Move your head from side to side, blood flow to the eyes.

Esau planned shutdowns and Como, move your body, stretching.

Flickered, this breathing movement of the eyes and drenched us.

Eye exercises done in accordance with the principles Lsfor vision.


1.hrfiih -hrfiih active, passive relaxation.

2.lhiot able to be exposed to different light frequencies, including the principle of exposure to sunlight and night vision.

3.aizon central and peripheral retina.

4.aizon flexible lens.

5.aizon macular, vision center.

6.aizon function between the two eyes and every eye separately.

7. coordination between body movement and eye.

In conclusion, the approach to life Tibaiim, can improve vision following the natural functioning of the visual organs.

The lens can function flexibly, the pupil will shrink and expand, retina activated balance and health, eyeball moves in wide ranges and all Greece and blood flow to the eyes feel normal as a result of his movement, breath, posture, function more balanced of all systems Hgof.lfn mind have significant effect to improve eyesight but this article is not the place to expand.